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Hotel Vuollerim Lodge – a cozy and private lodge with good homemade food and a unique history.

Hotel Vuollerim lodge has 16 double rooms. Each of which is unique and individually decorated by the villagers, who all helped create the lodge with heart and soul. The rooms are named after places in the surroundings of Vuollerim, such as “Spring Evening in Avaudden” and “Morning in Messaure”.

All rooms contain a restroom, television, wireless internet and a balcony. Showers are located on each floor. There are two en suite rooms. Sauna, lounge and kitchenette are available for all guests.

Hotel Vuollerim Lodge is a village company with approximately 150 co-owners and aims to strengthen the local economy of the village. All profits are reinvested back into the village.

The restaurant with in- and outdoor dining has a beautiful view of Spegeldammen (Mirror Pond) and offers genuine homemade food with a focus on local ingredients. There is a fully licensed bar and also coffee & cakes, sandwiches and snacks are available.

Conferences, events and packages are arranged in cooperation with Lapland Vuollerim. It is close to forest and water throughout the district. Beautiful walking trails and snowmobile trails are right outside the lodge.

Hotel Vuollerim Lodge is open year round.


Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet

Bodenvägen 7 / Box 6
SE-960 30 Vuollerim

+46 976 106 60

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